Project Development

The steps involved with project development vary based on the dataset a researchers needs to access for their project.

Generally, these are the steps involved in undertaking research in the ARDC .:

  • For proposals requesting restricted Census data, work with the FSRDC Administrator over several months to develop a project according to the requirements of the U.S. Census Bureau. Generally, each project is required to demonstrate:
  • Potential to benefit Census Bureau data programs
  • Scientific merit
  • Evidence of feasibility
  • Clear need for non-public data
  • Minimal risk of disclosure

  • Submit completed proposal for agency review (this may be multiple agencies, depending on the data requested).

  • Obtain Special Sworn Status (SSS). To be eligible to apply for SSS, researchers must (a) be a US citizen or foreign national with 3 of the past 5 years residency in the US, and (b) currently live in the US and have a US institutional affiliation. To apply for SSS, researchers must be fingerprinted, make a sworn statement in the presence of a notary public, and provide additional information for a background investigation. Application materials will be provided after the proposal has been approved and the process takes several months. There may be a cost to researchers for applying for SSS.

  • Work in the RDC lab to complete research. Research projects generally have a time line of about two to five years.

  • Submit results for disclosure avoidance review. Cleared results will be emailed to the researcher by the relevant agency.